Akasi Elizabeth Mortiga Awogny Francis Mora

Modern Medicine Woman | Creative Healing Artist

LuVpEaCeNsOuL MoVeMeNt
LuVpEaCeNsOuL MoVeMeNt

Welcome to The Vision

LuVpEaCeNsOuL MoVeMeNt is my legacy, and is a wellness initiative that provides accessibility to curated movement and mindfulness development workshops focused on centering self, purpose and passion for communities of color, and all those who know they are here to change the world, that want to liberate their lives and manifest mind, body, and soul connection. Through exploration of unique somatic flows and grooves, sustainable methods of empowerment are offered as we utilize these tools to co-create thriving environments for growth, cultural exchange, and communities of holistic healing. We are all worthy of wellbeing, let us create our own versions of wellness-together, as we move, groove, with attitudes of harmonious joy and love.

Let’s do it through the Artforms of Hip Hop, Dances of The African Diaspora, Grounded Grooves, free-flowing Freestyles. Let’s do it through poetry, lyrics, Mantras, affirmations, meditation. Let’s do it through yoga flows, poses, postures, breathwork-creating stillness, silence, internal shifts, sound, rhythms, intuitive embodiments, collective consciousness, and connectedness, liberated living purposeful thriving and so much more. Are you ready? Let’s Go, Let’s Flow!

This is My Mission

Transformative experiences intuitive choices deeply rooted ancestry have shaped the spiritual alchemist I have come to be serving colorful communities of the world as a medicine Woman devoted to the healing of humanity.

I see the bridges that exist cross-culturally connecting calling us in to share our stories and our unique gifts As we receive abundant energy we perceive the realms of possibility moving as powerful generations of change-makers story weavers illuminating pathways as different and daring light leaders.

My intentions are simple to be me, living boldly and free empowering other lights to love their passions, live their purpose as we shine bright dynamic unapologetically.

Movin and Groovin Deep-diving in the midst of the divine Our energies align As we co-create extraordinary lives Free-styling in liberation Mindfully navigating self-exploration Holistically existing And Embodying destined legacies – collectively we RISE.

LuVpEaCeNsOuL MoVeMeNt