The Lows, The Highs, and The In Betweens…

Beach 2.1.24

OOhhhweee so I don’t know about you, but on rainy days like today sometimes it feels good to just stay in a slump…I’m talking no makeup, partially stay in PJs…come up with random meals to eat and be okay with not smiling too much and not communicating well – if you even choose to speak at all. And to be honest, Kicking it in the slump is what rejuvenates me for the next day – be it sunny outside or not. Now I know what you might be thinking….You? No way! Not smiling…and to that thought I respond – “HA! * Cue Erykah Badu * Didn’t Cha know, Didn’t cha know?!”

Welcome to My World

LuVpEaCeNsOuL MoVeMeNt

Hey All! 

My name is Kassy Akasi Elizabeth Mortiga Awogny Francis-Mora and I am ready to welcome y’all into my world 🙂 I’ve wanted to start a blog for a bit now, but it never seemed like the right moment to begin. I think I was always waiting for some type of sign – and I do believe that sign is my woman warrior’s initiation into Motherhood. Giving Birth to my son last year was a transformative experience to say the least, and as I gaze into my son’s eyes every morning I know that it is my responsibility, my duty, to go for everything and anything.

Thirty Five and Thankful to Be ALIVE

It’s so crazy because I keep telling everyone that I never imagined this life – really I never dreamed of it either. This beautiful and blessed life has unfolded in such a way that the twists and turns now look to me like gentle folds amongst the steady softness of my present comfort.
I am at Peace.
I know myself.
I am Loved.
I Love Me. I Love me so much that I have Lived, I Live, and I will Keep on Lovin n Livin until my very last peaceful Breath.
And for that – I am Grateful.