WelcomeTo My World

Hey All! 

My name is Kassy Akasi Elizabeth Mortiga Awogny Francis-Mora and I am ready to welcome y’all into my world 🙂 I’ve wanted to start a blog for awhile now, but it never seemed like the right moment to begin. I think I was always waiting for some type of sign – and I do believe that sign is my woman warrior’s initiation into Motherhood. Giving Birth to my son last year was a transformative experience to say the least, and as I gaze into my son’s eyes every morning I know that it is my responsibility, my duty, to go for everything and anything. I only have one physical life to live, so I intend on continuing to do so – and as my son grows and follows his light he will be able to see trail-blazed paths before him and can fearlessly walk those, as well as pave his own one day, with no hesitation. 

Not gonna lie, it feels weird and I’m not expecting everyone to relate to what I share, what I write, and how I’ve lived, or heck…even wanna read anything I post. But, what also motivates me to write my story and share through this blog, is this little girl Kassy that still lives inside of me. Remembering her and the curiosity she had inside, this exhilarating sense of adventure, and a Bold spirit to boot – I know that if she had come across this blog, this Woman and her life thus far, she would’ve loved to read all about her because she could relate. She could see herself in me and know there are no bounds for where she can go, how she can create her life, take risks, make mistakes, evolve, change her mind, leave and come back to herself, still coming out on top and alive, thriving in her own right, living free to just BE. 

So there it is. My why’s for writing this blog, at least a few of ’em anyways. 

This is me, and I’m excited to let you into my world a lil bit <3 

LuVpEaCeNsOuL MoVeMeNt

A few fun facts, so you can get to know me real quick:

* I’m 34 going on 35 years young and married to my wonderful husband Raymond whom I have loved for almost 13 years <3

*My son Adjaye, and First-Born, is officially 6 months and I just CANNOT believe it <3

*Both of those facts above ^ remind me to never forget the saying “Time Flies” ….cus DAYYUUMM!!! Time is speed skating at this point! LOL

*Cali Born and Raised, I am the 2nd out of 5 children – First Generation Filipina, West African, Black American.

*I am a Creative Healing Artist, a Nurse, Movement Educator, Performance Artist, Freestyle Dancer, Writer, Poet, and Explorer of Life

*Activities I love to partake in (even if it’s been a while, or I just started ) Dancing just because, singing Karaoke, hiking, Musical jam sessions, coloring, Battle Rapping with my siblings, reading 3-5 books in rotation at a time, cooking different dishes/meals while my mom guides me via FaceTime, recording myself when certain thoughts come to mind and listening to the audio years later, reviewing movies with my Hubz like we’re movie critics, attempting Acro Yoga with my Lil guy and singing him remixed songs & lyrics created just for him, Oh and one of My absolute faves  – straight up napping! – because when a gal can nowadays, She most certainly WILL!

Alright, so we’ve gotten acquainted, past our ice breakers right? 🙂 

Well, so you know what to expect here… I’ll be sharing Passion, Purpose, & Perspective, talking about Travel & Adventures, tuning into my journey with Movement Medicine, and always giving you a peek of what it’s like KickinitWithKass – because there are so many shades to me! Too hard to pick just one! So let’s explore, dive deeper, imagine, and recreate together! 


Here Goes…. 

With LuVpEaCeNsOuL,